Monday, February 12, 2018

Retro Cross Stitch

Retro Cross Stitch by Véronique Enginger is a big and beautiful collection of 500 charts for motifs with a French retro flair to cross stitch.  The designs are varied and include many smaller designs as well as some larger pieces.  Scattered throughout are finished examples stitched onto various articles like linens, bags, framed pictures and labels/cards.

There are multiple themes included in the collection, broadly gathered into the chapters:
  • A Touch of Nostalgia
  • Chocolate, Tea, Coffee
  • Fabulous Journeys
  • Fashion
The entire collection runs to 192 pages, hardbound. There are multiple motifs per page and the charts have both symbol and color, making them very easy to follow.

The botanicals (example pictured on the cover) are really appealing and classy and would make wonderful hostess gifts stitched onto a wine bottle cover or napkin set.

While there are pictured examples of finished projects throughout the book, neither patterns nor instructions are included, they're just guides for further inspiration.

The photography, as always, is clear and high quality.

Five stars

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