Monday, February 12, 2018

Fables & Fairy Tales to Cross Stitch

Fables & Fairy Tales to Cross Stitch by Véronique Enginger is a lovely collection of fairy tale themed projects with stitching charts and finishing suggestions.  It's 144 pages from Schiffer Publishing and due to release 28th March, 2018.

There are several things I really liked about this volume.  The charts are very well reproduced,  crystal clear and have both symbols and colour shading on them.  I find that style of chart much easier on my eyes when stitching for long periods of time.  The overall quality of the designs is very high, on a first look through this collection, I found quite a number which I intend to stitch.

I also really liked that this collection (and Retro Cross Stitch by the same author, which I will review here on the blog soon), does more than just present the charts, but also includes the patterns for the soft furnishings and pillows and other projects along with clear finishing instructions.

Additionally, the text is charmingly retro and whimsical.  The entire collection has a very European flair and of the included fairy tales and rhymes, many will be new to Americans, less so to Europeans.

The book includes a wide variety of sizes and complexities in the charts, from tiny spot motifs to full pillow sized vignettes.  Many of the pieces coordinate also, so making up a layette isn't a problem.

Available in hardcover format 28th March, 2018.  Lovely pieces, well written instructions.

Four and a half stars

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