Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tula Pink Coloring with Thread

Coloring With Thread is a new design book + CD from fabric designer and fibreartist Tula Pink
due out 20th Dec, 2017 from F+W Media. It's a short book, 98 pages, but packs a lot of instruction and photography and design into that space.

 The book is full of Tula's whimsical stylized animals and florals, many of which coordinate with existing fabric. They remind me of many folk art traditions, Indian, Scandinavian, Mola etc.  Most of the projects in the book are finished in hoops for artistic cohesiveness (and to encourage the user to further creativity), but certainly they should be used for other purposes such as linens, firescreens, pillows, etc. It's nice to see a resurgence of freehand and crewel embroidery with surface designs instead of only counted thread projects.

The book begins with a short introduction and artist's statement which is followed by a supplies list and how-to section which include many embroidery stitch diagrams.  The introduction and stitch diagrams comprise about 20% of the total content.

The projects each have color coded outline diagrams. There are 17 full tutorials which make up about 75% of the content. Picture sidebars in each tutorial section include closeups of the detail work for clarity along with designer notes and inspirations.At the end of the book there's a very basic resources and biography section.

Very nice and inspirational tutorial book full of color and whimsy.

Four stars

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher.

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