Thursday, November 30, 2017

Lalylala's Beetles Bugs and Butterflies

Lalylala's Beetles Bugs and Butterflies is a cute amigurumi crochet tutorial collection from Lydia Tresselt (aka LalyLala) and F+W Media. The accessories and 'gurumi are basic shapes along with a load of variations (hats, horns, wing shapes + colorways, cocoons, shells etc) which will keep any crocheter occupied for many hours.

Included in the book's 128 pages are detailed descriptions of each project, including supplies lists, as well as beautifully illustrative photos for each tutorial. There's a lot of humor in the sidestory as well as the projects themselves. Example: a really adorable crocheted venus flytrap sewn onto a mini-purse frame to make a change purse! There's also a sort of Greek chorus of tiny little green aphids who provide commentary and background on the other projects.  (A tutorial for the cute little aphids with variations is included in the book).
The book also includes a little story about a hatching caterpillar and the insects and creatures she encounters, written by the author's husband.

The cover gives a good idea of the scope of the projects with variations and accessories.  There are 20 full tutorial projects in the book along with a pile of add-ons.  The first 25% of the book is introduction and technique, supply choice, finishing and general instructions with tips.  The project tutorials themselves take up the following 2/3 of the book.  The remainder (circa 10%) is given over to a good suppliers list, biographical info and  acknowledgements.

Available in both hardcover and ebook versions, there's something here for fans of amigurumi and yarncrafters.
I tested the snail and fly pupa patterns and had no trouble following them (the photos are really well done).

Four stars

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher.

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