Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Low-FODMAP IBS Solution Plan and Cookbook: Heal Your IBS with More Than 100 Low-FODMAP Recipes That Prep in 30 Minutes or Less


The Low-FODMAP IBS Solution Plan and Cookbook is a dietary plan, information guide, and cookbook with recipes developed by Dr. Rachel Pauls. Due out 6th Oct 2020 from Quarto on their Fair Winds Press imprint, it's 176 pages and will be available in paperback format.

Current research continues to emphasize how nearly all our body systems depend on our digestive system working as well as possible. Our gut is not only responsible for effective digestion and processing of nutrients, but is also being shown to have far reaching effects on our energy levels, mental health, hormonal balance, mood, and much more. This guide is a resource for helping IBS patients (and others trying to support their digestive systems) re-establish function and minimize or eliminate flare-ups. 

I like the author's humor and witty style of writing. She's conversational, upbeat and encouraging without ever being patronizing. The guide is written in layman accessible language which anyone can understand. I imagine many readers suffering digestive issues (bloating, pain, IBS, etc) will be nodding along reading about the symptoms and typical presentation of chronic digestive disease and flare-ups. The included recipes are well written and appealing. When I think of low-FODMAP/gluten-free foods, they're mostly bland and tasteless. These are anything but boring.

The introduction covers the general information about IBS - the who, what, where, and how-to. The author also provides a list of possible questions for patients to ask their healthcare providers. I also liked the whimsical little line drawings which adorn the pages.

The recipes are grouped roughly thematically: breakfasts, starters & sides, fish & shellfish, meat & poultry, vegan & vegetarian, snacks & treats, and stocks sauces dressings & dips. Each of the recipes includes an introductory description, ingredients listed in a bullet point sidebar (metric & US measurements included - yay!), step by step instructions, as well as footers with tips and alternative suggestions and some tips on presentation. Nutritional info not included. Special tools and ingredients are also listed, along with yields and cooking directions. The ingredients are mostly easily sourced at any moderately well stocked grocery store. 

The book has a resource list with links for further reading, short author bio, and index. The photography is clear, and more than half of the recipes are accompanied by finish/serving photos. The photos which are included in the cookbook are well done, appealing, and (for tutorial photos) easy to follow.

This book would make a great gift for someone looking for low-FODMAP recipes as well as cooks supporting and cooking for a family member with digestive issues, or for chronic IBS patients looking for ways to take control of their own gut health.

Four and a half stars rounded up because of the author's truly engaging funny style and the beautifully developed recipes themselves. It's written in an empowering and understandable way.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

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