Friday, October 12, 2018

Murder in Friday Street (Peter and Georgia Marsh #2)

Murder in Friday Street is the second book in the Marsh & Daughter mystery series by Amy Myers. Released 18th July, 2018 by Endeavour Media, it's 246 pages and available in ebook and hardback formats.

The series features a wheelchair bound former policeman and his daughter who write 'real crime' accounts of cold cases they research.  This particular book has them researching a very cold case which may have a tie in with a modern murder in the same village (Friday Street is the name of the village). 

The writing is very solid.  The author is competent and prolific and I enjoyed the actual writing and dialogue.  My problems came from the other aspects of the book. I found the plotting slow and convoluted.  Keeping track of the secondary characters was very difficult and the plot twists were more confusing than enlightening.  There were no 'aha' moments.  I didn't really feel much invested in the story, and that's a shame because it really is very well written.  The denouement wasn't at all unexpected but I had hopes that the action wouldn't be as straightforward as it had been foreshadowed (it was).

I believe that fans of modern amateur sleuth mysteries, especially ones dealing with the seething repressed undercurrents apparently rife in rural villages in England, might find something here.  Possibly worth noting, this book (and the series) are included in the Kindle Unlimited library and thus available to KU subscribers to borrow for free.

Three stars (mostly for the actual writing).

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes

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