Sunday, August 26, 2018

Tilda Hot Chocolate Sewing

Tilda Hot Chocolate Sewing is a new quilting and decor book by Tone Finnanger published by F+W Media.  Due out 11 Sept, 2018, it's 144 pages packed full of small and large sewing and quilting projects.  I have loved Tilda's coordinated fabrics and whimsical design aesthetic for a long time, but one thing that struck me about this book in particular was the attention to detail and exquisite finishing and quilting.  The projects are all beautiful, and the coordinating fabrics and well curated room photography show them off at their best, but I can really see most of these being usable and well loved in almost all homes.

The book is set up as a tutorial book, with coordinating projects grouped together. There are small soft furnishing projects (fabric bowls, decor, pillows), along with coordinating large projects (table runners, full sized- and lap-quilts, wall hangings).

One of the really nifty things about the Tilda books is that they showcase a coordinating fabric collection along with well designed and curated items which fit together well and produce beautiful results.  If one wishes to have exactly what's pictured in the book, it's possible by acquiring the pictured fabrics, but it's not a requirement of course, and the tutorials serve very well as a 'jumping off' point to whet the reader's creativity.

One other super nice feature in this book particularly is the quilting on the projects.  Really perfect and top notch, the quilting enhances and supports the designs without completely stealing the show.  Gorgeous!

Patterns are included.

Five stars, lovely and highly recommended.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

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