Sunday, August 26, 2018

Emergence (Foreigner #19)

Emergence is the 19th book in the Foreigner series by master SF/fantasy author C. J. Cherryh.  Published 2 Jan, 2018 by DAW books it's 336 pages and available in ebook, hard- and soft-cover, and audiobook formats.

There are a huge number of fandoms in the speculative fiction genre.  Think about meeting someone who is really into Star Trek or Babylon 5 or even Game of Thrones (the book fans, not necessarily fans of the TV show). Sometimes it's hard to decipher exactly what they're talking about, but their enthusiasm is obvious. This series is grand space opera and is sort of like an episode of a long running series. For fans of Foreigner, it's an eagerly anticipated addition to a much loved universe.  As such, for readers new to this author, there's a learning curve involved.  The effort to do a little background research or keep a handy guide available is well rewarded because this is a worthwhile, engaging, and immersive book (and series).

There are a lot of really good reviewer précises of this book, so I'll just add that this entry does move the narrative along in a lot of ways and it was great to see the development of the characters, especially Cajeiri.

This series is huge and overarching and complex.  There's a rich abundance of detail along with a great deal of subtlety and wry political commentary.  It's a very cultured book (and by that I mean refined and structured and not raw or strident).

I really enjoyed this book (and the series) and recommend it highly to readers who are prepared to put in the effort.

Four stars.
Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

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