Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Tea Dragon Society

This is a charming all-ages book written and illustrated by Katie O'Neill.  I was completely drawn in from the cover onward. This lovely little book is so calm and charming and kind that I felt soothed and entertained and enriched after finishing it.

It defies genre, really, though if I had to classify it, I would call it fantasy realism.  There are a lot of heavy duty themes like family loyalty, truth, love and friendship through adversity.  It was very gently handled and I never felt preached at and the art and narrative fit together so seamlessly that it was delightful to fall into their world for a little while.

The art is gorgeous and whimsical and lush.  The story is wonderful.

Though the main characters (other than the tea dragons of the title) are young, it doesn't feel like a tweeny book.  I would recommend it to anyone at all who needs a bit of soul soothing and to escape the 'all-too-real' world for a little while.

I intend to go out straightaway and buy the author's other mentioned work, Princess Princess Ever After.

The narrative reminds me a little of  Linda Medley's work, but the art is not reminiscent.  The Tea Dragon Society is a luminously beautiful book.  Highly recommended!

5 stars art and story.  Love this!

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher.

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