Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Do you really read this much? WTF?

Yes, to anyone stumbling across my blog, I really do read all the books I review. 

No, I don't sleep a lot.

Yes, reading is my hobby and my passion.

I actually do read more books than I review, most of them I keep track of with simple ratings on goodreads.

Why yes, I do have other hobbies, how nice of you to ask. I do embroidery (see pics) and gardening and I'm a snail wrangler!  (Ok, that's just weird). Oh, and books and video games. Yeah :)

I keep body and soul together by working as a bio-engineer in a large teaching hospital.  I -love- my job.  Really really love it. I can honestly recommend biotechnology and bio-engineering as a career to anyone searching for a fulfilling challenging and fun (yes, fun) job!

Pics of my weirdness:

Beaded beads (yes, I'm a junior wannabe math nerd), embroidery, I recondition and refurbish and love old fountain pens too =)

That's me, thanks for stopping by :)

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