Saturday, February 19, 2022

Alice in Wonderland Puzzles: With Original Illustrations by Sir John Tenniel

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Alice in Wonderland Puzzles is an engaging collection of puzzles and brain teasers by Dr. Gareth Moore. Due out 1st March 2022 from Arcturus Publishing, it's 256 pages and will be available in paperback and ebook formats. It's worth noting that the ebook format has a handy interactive table of contents as well as interactive links and references throughout. I've really become enamored of ebooks with interactive formats lately.

This is a nice collection of varied puzzles, over 130 in all and of varying difficulty, from mild to moderate. The puzzles have some nice tie-ins to the canonical books, and are also liberally enhanced by Sir John Tenniel's wonderful original illustrations. The puzzles themselves include word ladders, logic puzzles, mazes, anagrams, and chessboard visual puzzles. Disappointingly there are no -actual- chess puzzles, beloved of Lewis Carrol and fans.

With the ebook version, there are active links to the answer keys from the individual puzzle pages as well as a hyperlink from the answer back to the puzzle. 

Five stars. Charming and worthwhile. A good choice for puzzle mavens as well as Carrol fans.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

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