Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Health issues, posting frequency


I am always somewhat curious (worried) whenever an online friend/relative/acquaintance changes their posting frequency or otherwise acts in an unusual manner. Maybe I'm nosey. Anyhow, I wanted to let folks who follow my book ramblings and facebook stuff know that I'm having a medical crisis (kidney stone, not life threatening, since it's moving and I'm staying hydrated - I'm not even admitted to hospital (yet)). I'm on pretty good pain management and lots of antibiotics (which have wrecked my gut biome) and I'm feeling tired and grumpy and Very Much Not Right at the moment and regularly scheduled book reviews will be forthcoming when my innards get themselves sorted out.

I'm really not good at being sick. I don't want to THINK about my body much at all except in the theoretical concepts... I'll never be a gorgeous influencer or particularly impressive or extra strong, or graceful, or any of that other stuff, and mostly, I'm fine with that. As an aside, I'm SO DAMNED IMPRESSED by people with chronic issues who live with this pain and aggravation pretty much all the time and manage to not be psychotic raving jerks to everyone around them. So... yeah. I'm in hermit mode feeling sorry for myself and not managing to string words together with any amount of facility. 

I'm not dead yet!

 I'll be back. 

Be nice to one another please. 

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