Saturday, December 21, 2019

The Hierophant Card

The Hierophant Card is the 6th book in the Tarot Mysteries by Bevan Atkinson. Released 3rd Nov 2019, it's 222 pages and available in paperback and ebook formats.

The plot really gallops along, it's a short and satisfying read, and the technical aspects of the writing are seamless and enjoyable. This is an author who can really write. The secondary characters are well and sensitively drawn. The language is R-rated, mostly used in context, and it's an enjoyable and humorous ride from start to finish.

The sense of place is palpable and the author has a gift for descriptive prose. I love the main characters in the story. Thorne, Xana, and DeLeon are appealing and they're such great characters and very easy to like. The stories are so entertaining that I'm perfectly willing to suspend my disbelief and just enjoy the ride, and I appreciate that the author never abuses my trust. I also love it that Xana is preternaturally perceptive and intuitive but not infallible. I find her a thoroughly appealing character.

The plot here is relatively straightforward and linear. I found it well written, although not my favorite in the series thus far. The denouement was a little rushed and scattered, but it's still a solid read.

Possibly worth noting for Kindle Unlimited subscribers, the first book in this highly entertaining series (The Fool Card) is included in the KU subscription library to borrow and read for free. It's always fun to find a new to me author and series to read. I would definitely recommend this one to fans of modern American mysteries. I'm admittedly a bit sad that currently this is the most recent book in the series. I'm looking forward to finding out what comes next for Xana and co.

Four stars.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

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