Friday, June 14, 2019

100 Things to Recycle and Make

100 Things to Recycle and Make is a tutorial book aimed at kids and their caregivers. Anyone who has ever been around kids at any gift-giving holiday knows that kids generally spend much less time playing with and enjoying their presents than time spent playing with the packaging/boxes/wrappers.  This book uses everyday repurposed and found objects in creative play to make fun playthings.

Due out 18th June 2019 from Quarto on their QEB imprint, it's 160 pages and will be available in hardback format. It's unclear from the publishing info if this book will be available in ebook format, but I will add that the eARC which was provided for review purposes had a very handy interactive table of contents and hyperlinks.

There are (by my count) 100 step by step illustrated tutorials arranged in 5 sections of 20 tutorials each. The base structures used in each of the tutorial sections are arranged around: cardboard boxes, paper plates, cardboard tubes, nature crafts, egg cartons.

The introduction is a half page sidebar with a list of general items (glue, tape, ruler, scissors etc) which are used in the tutorials. It should be noted that the book doesn't contain very many actual photographs, but it does have colorful line drawn illustrations of the step-by-step tutorials (and a photograph of each completed project).

This would make a wonderful library book, homeschooling art unit book, make-it-take-it workshop, summer vacation book etc.  Really fun and colorful vibrant homemade toys. I can see this book being a go-to favorite for babysitters and beleaguered parents during summer vacation. Start saving empty cereal boxes, egg cartons, and gift wrap tubes now.

Five stars. There are a lot of good ideas here.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

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