Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Tilt-a-Whirl is the first book in Chris Grabenstein's series featuring John Ceepak. Originally published in 2005 by Carroll & Graf, it's 330 pages and available in all formats, including a masterful audiobook version narrated by Jeff Woodman.

This is a first person PoV story 'narrated' by Ceepak's sidekick, part time summertime police officer Danny Boyle.The books are set in a fictionalized part of the Jersey Shore and are full of tourists and anecdotes and some murder and arson.

Though the author is more well known for his children's and YA stories, this is distinctly adult material. The language is rough in places and some of the themes and the denouement are pretty brutal.

I enjoyed this installment very much and have already bought the second book in the series.

Four stars.

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