Saturday, January 26, 2019

Homicide in Hardcover

This is a cute cozy/romance. This is the first in the series which is up to 13 books now. The main character is a book restorer and historian (and amateur sleuth).

Original release was 2009 from Obsidian publishing, it's 289 pages and available in most formats.

Fair warning. For anyone who is honestly interested in rare/historic books, this one will have you crying or running for the exits. The book 'restoration' this book is written around would not be acceptable in any museum/exhibition venue. That being said, it's a cute lighthearted read and well written. Some of the dialogue is fairly silly, but it is a cozy. There's a romantic scene which came across as slightly creepy to me (the hot security guy is kissing the main character immediately after she's been bludgeoned and is likely concussed at the very least?!).

There's very light language use, I'd say PG-level, but nothing to shock or dismay most readers.

Three and a half stars. I'll pick up the next book in the series. I love cozies about books, and librarians, and bookmobiles (bonus for cat inclusions).

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