Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Doughnuts: 90 Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home

 Doughnuts: 90 Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home is a new tutorial cookbook by Lara Ferroni for creating an endless variety of lovely doughnuts. Due out 25th Sept, 2018 from Sasquatch Books, it's 208 pages and available in ebook, hardback and paperback formats.

I'm a complete fanatic for baked goods.  I'm not totally crazy for most types of pie, but otherwise, if it's bready, sweet, baked, fried, or cakey, then heck yeah! Doughnuts are one of my favorites and I never really thought they would be practical to make at home.  There is some work involved, but it's not insurmountable and lately I've found myself willing to put in more effort in the kitchen, especially on weekends.

The book is arranged in a logical manner with an introduction and a short discussion of ingredients.  There are some good suggestions about different flours and sugars and how they can behave differently from one another in the recipes. The first section after the introductory chapter is all about different doughs.  There are a bunch of different textures and ingredients including gluten free and vegan friendly dough recipes.

The second section includes 15 different recipes for glazes and toppings.  By mixing and matching doughnut type with toppings, there are a staggering number of combinations. Definitely enough to keep an enthusiastic doughnutter going for ages.

The third section has specific recipes for specific baked and fried goods such as pineapple fritters, apple-cheddar fritters, cream and fruit filled doughnuts and many (many) more. One thing I also liked about this collection was that it includes several recipes which combine sweet and savory.  I fully intend to make the chicken and doughnuts and bacon maple bars as soon as possible.

The recipes I've tried from this book are really wonderful. The apple-cheddar fritters were moist inside and crunchy outside and 100% delicious.  They were wonderful. The churros were eaten so enthusiastically and disappeared quickly.  My family have asked for them constantly since then.  Cleanup was a small issue, but honestly it didn't take much longer than cleaning up after a regular weekend breakfast/brunch.

The last section of the book includes a resource list and a recipe index.

The photography is clear and full color and illustrates the recipes well.

Four and a half stars.  Lovely book, well executed.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes.

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