Monday, April 2, 2018

Amazing Origami Boxes

Amazing Origami Boxes is another new tutorial book of 20 designs from Origami master Tomoko Fuse.  Her specialty is modular origami (sculptures made from multiple pieces of paper, fitted together), and this book is no exception.  There are some very traditional forms which will be familiar to most people (square box with flaps, offering box, crane box, etc).  There are also some really beautiful modern shaped containers which will certainly appeal.  There are tutorials for 8 flower based shapes which would make spectacular nut/candy cups for a special table settting (or wedding).

As is usual for this author (kudos to her translation and editing team!) the tutorials are all accessible and the drawings are very clear and well illustrated and concise.

At the very beginning of the book are the symbol explanations and the short tutorials for the traditional folds.  This will help complete newbies to be able to follow the later tutorials.  There are (in my opinion) none of the pieces in this book which would be beyond a keen beginner's abilities.  This is mostly down to the perfect illustrations and sparely written instructions.  There are some really impressive folds in this book, including an almost tesseract/space defying box she calls Double Cube Box.

Dover publications has long been a standard bearer for beautifully illustrated well made crafts books.  This one is no exception.  Everything is top notch. The translations are perfect (if slightly whimsically poetic).   The photography is lush, crisp, and colorful.  It's an all around joy.  This would make a perfect gift for both enthusiasts and origami-curious beginners.

In fact, though I received a free e-book copy of this book for review purposes; I've already purchased a copy for my origami mad daughter.

Five stars

Pub: 21st March, 2018
Dover Publications
128 pages, color illustrations and photography
RRP: $18.95

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