Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Buzz Books 2018: Spring/Summer

It's traditionally been the fall/winter season when publishers get the publicity juggernaut going full gear.  It's therefore really exciting for me to see a fair number of big name authors' books being released this spring and summer season, 2018.

These semi-annual previews are available free for download from the Buzz Books website here (or Amazon here) and are invaluable for planning summer TBR lists, avoiding some books which the buzz has overhyped (or just don't fit with you personally), and one of my favorite uses, to stretch our boundaries.  I am guilty, I admit it, of walking straight toward my favorite sections of any bookstore.  I think the vast majority of us are guilty of the same... we have limited book budgets and time and want to stick with the tried-and-true authors who have traditionally delivered for us. When I find an enjoyable free way to maybe find a book which is a great fit for me without committing to a purchase first, it's a win-win.  I have found a number of debut authors this way who have gone on to become fast favorites.

These collections are a great way to get a free 'taste' sample from authors who might well otherwise fly under your radar entirely.

Aside from the generous chapter excerpts included in the book, there's always a publishing preview with notable upcoming releases along with author and publisher info.  I always find upcoming books from authors I love without having known they had an upcoming release.  Valuable timesaver for that reason alone.

There's also a YA version which gets its own volume: Download here from Amazon, or here at the Buzz Books website.

Five stars (though I -should- ding half a star for always making my TBR list grow by too much!  How long can a human go without sleep I wonder??).

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher.

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