Sunday, October 1, 2017

Creative Marker Art and Beyond

I love art how-to books.  Especially ones which are accessible and do-able by anyone.  This is a specialized book aimed at markers of all types.  The techniques are explained well with great photographs and illustrations and include all of the tutorials and projects the aspiring artist needs to develop and have a good experience creating with markers of all sorts.  The projects are achievable by beginners as well as more advanced artists.

The layout and text are playful and colorful and very informal.  It's a short book, 144 pages, but it packs quite a lot of content in, with useful takeaways such as: how to use the book, tools and materials, color techniques, drawing techniques, playing with color, etc.  The introductory chapters are followed by 10 project tutorials arranged in roughly ascending order of difficulty which each have new techniques to explore and develop.

All of the chapters are very well photographed and the layout is very professional, very fun and very energetic.

I have started making personalized journal covers inspired by the project tutorial (#5) in this book, for stocking stuffers and thank you gifts.  You can get inexpensive journals from IKEA for less than $1 each, and if you irretrievably destroy one, it's not any sort of tragedy, just recycle it.  (I'm NOT an artist and I haven't had to throw one away yet).

Well worth a look for any coloring fans out there.

Four stars.
Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher

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